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In the summer for test of a pressure of water undertook trial start-up of the Big cascade and one Big fountain. In the same time the program of a construction of cascades and fountains developed by N. Miketti according to Peter I's proposal in Nizhny Novgorod park started being carried out. On Miketti's project over the Big grotto the balustrade, raskrepovanny in the middle settled down; the Small grotto got a job in the center of the top wall, and the balustrade finishing all construction going before a palace facade was enriched with vases.

On the Facade of the top terrace wall on an axis of waterfall ledges of Miketti placed two gushing maskaron with bowls in which water fell. Height of waterfall ledges was increased and on everyone is arranged on two water-cannons about which still Le Blond wrote. On a platform before a big grotto of Miketti, also as well as Le Blond, designed the fountain.

Did not forget the child and the emperor. From abroad I sent the whole freights with trees for palace gardens which cultivation very occupied him. He personally noted on plans where it is necessary to put an arbor and where a flower bed or hen house.

Behind the Dance hall the Anteroom settles down. It was also decorated with a gilded carving and a picturesque plafond. In windows of the hall which was on an axis of a smart suite of interiors the view of Nizhny Novgorod park opened. It seemed, length of the palace is infinite (in the depth of prospect of the apartments leaving afar the big window through which the view of a surrounding landscape opened was placed).

The mirror gallery is called miracle of Versailles. The type of this salon simply captures spirit: the gallery stuns at once with both the sizes, and proportions, both color, and wasteful luxury of furniture, and in serene sunny days - a surplus of light and air. At decoration of Mirror gallery calculation was consciously made on that exactly to stun with luxury and magnificence. Mirror gallery it is not simple a hall. It is the huge prospectus, which length 73 meters, and width is 10,5 meters.

In registration of interiors of Rastrelli achieved extraordinary strong decorative effects. Planning of the palace, an arrangement of halls and rooms strictly corresponded to magnificent rituals of that time. The luxury and variety of methods of art finishing of rooms were urged to create effect of infinitely developed theatrical action.

In general walks on the Peterhof garden and its survey at the time of Peter I were allowed only with the permission of the sovereign. Sometimes for visitors I appointed the guide, though itself very much liked to show them wonders of the pleasure palace.

Creation of the grandiose gushing construction including two grottoes, three cascades, tens fountains and various sculptural furniture demanded the whole decade. Throughout two next centuries the Big grotto with cascades kept integrity of initial composition though the part of elements of its decorative registration was lost or underwent various changes.

Mirror gallery - the most smart room of the Big Palace of Versailles. Here passed all court holidays, birthdays of the king were celebrated, weddings were made, here accepted foreign ambassadors.

The wall of gallery from park on all height was cut through by the symmetrized seventeen windows which the proportions are in harmony with gilded doors. Fifteen niches opposite to windows the sky and reservoirs are filled with mirrors which reflect park, is illusory expanding space of the hall and creating thereby surprisingly fantastic effect. Windows roll in deep arch niches while mirrors are imposed on a flat wall.

The composition of the palace is noted by limit clearness. The central volume allocated with a tent roof is adjoined by two galleries finished by tiny pavilions - lyustgauza with small light small lamps. In decorative registration of facades of Monplezir motives of the Dutch architecture of the XVIII century are used. Walls of the building are left unplastered and painted in color of a brick with a pro-squirrel of seams. The northern facade is decorated by niches and rustovanny pilasters. The southern garden facade which is cut through big window and doorways, is almost entirely glazed that gives it special ease.