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With confidence it is possible to tell that many of the courses of remote education offered today - foam on a wave of fashionable hobby. As was with numerous psychics and folk healers quite recently. Only search servers on inquiry remote education will give out you thousands of addresses.

Problems at remote education, of course, much: techniques are poorly developed, the technology of educational process is not debugged, there is no financing. Crusts crusts, but training has to be effective, that is bring knowledge. And such that this person could not receive their any in a different way. Professionals, but not the commercial organizations have to be engaged in it.

Thus, reliability increases with dough size. From the point of view of the developer of tests speed of increase of reliability with increase of quantity of tasks is important. It is always difficult to develop a large number of valid tasks (for example, such which belong to necessary population); therefore, if we want to show that we will tell, reliability of twenty five tasks (with the set average correlation) is high, achievement of this purpose will make sense.

At lower value use of dough becomes hardly expedient as the standard error of the indicators received on it will be so great that interpretation of indicators will become doubtful.

First it is rather cheap that is important today when seriously there is talk on the transfer of a number of higher education institutions to commercial rails. Here it is not necessary to pay for utilities in higher education institutions, classroom hours to teachers and other, other.

The most extensive is the branch of computer knowledge. That, in general, easily explainably. Prestigious foreign higher education institutions, some on the present, of course, even will not think to offer you similar form of education. In this direction the American and West European educational institutions with readiness developing such courses are considered as the most progressive.

Secondly, if on the server some volume of information is laid out and there is an opportunity to the user to receive it without special efforts, is a quite good chance to increase its intellectual level. And one user plus one more... you look, the cultural level of the nation in general will increase. Rather perspective would be to look for ways of combination of different types of education.

= 0 when all examinees received identical indicators, that is when there is no a diskriminativnost. = 1 at uniform distribution of tasks in which all possible manifestations of the measured property were most fully realized.

When the test cannot yield the same result for some examinee (provided that this examinee did not change) in various conditions, - means, not everything is all right. The way of measurement of re-test reliability is very simple. Correlation of indicators for selection of the examinees tested in two cases is calculated. Satisfactory smallest value for re-test reliability is 0, the Specified limit coefficient of reliability to a certain extent is conditional. For projective and some other tests of the personality the indicator of re-test reliability can be lower, thus the diagnostic value of a technique does not decrease.

Many consider that remote education is simply new form of correspondence course known to us. To some extent it so: having chosen a remote course, the person can really study without leaving the house. But only under one condition: if it has a modern computer equipped with the standard program.

The average size of correlation of one dough or task with all tests or tasks from population is called as reliability coefficient. The square root from coefficient of reliability is correlation of this dough or a task with a true indicator. However in practice it is impossible to calculate precisely this theoretical value of reliability because the quantity of the tasks and tests developed by us is not infinite. It means that reliability of some dough can be estimated only approximately.

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