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Performance of these tasks possibly only at continuous progress, substantial improvement of the organization of works and increase of a technological level of rural construction on an of its broad industrialization.

Use: in a ventilyatorostroyeniye, as a part of medical barokompleks, in systems of thermal regulation Essence of the invention: installation contains the case in which two fans which output channels are connected, forming the general to the channel and also the gate for closing of the output channel of one of fans are installed, output channels are placed by V-shapedly, the gate is installed with possibility of turn on the axis placed in a place of a convergence of internal walls of output channels. The case is executed from two parts connected by means of flange connection thus output channels of fans are executed in one of parts and on it V-shaped cut is executed, and other part contains the general channel and a bell covering external walls of the meeting canals.

Manure in the course of accumulation in the channel is stratified: on a bottom of the channel the firm deposit 0 thick drops out. 0,25 m, and from above are formed a layer 0,0 thick. 0,05 m from the emerged weighed particles; between the top layer and a deposit the layer of liquid suspension. The gap between a bottom of the channel and the lower edges of partitions is almost completely blocked by a deposit therefore right after opening of a shiber of the first only the section adjoining it will be released. After decrease of the level of manure weight in it the following section, and then also all other sections starts being emptied. Thus manure weight can from each subsequent section in released previous and further on the channel only through a crack under the lower edge of cross partitions, i.e. on a bottom thanks to what collected on the deposit is mute is washed away and carried away by a stream. In the last section there can be a part of a deposit which is deleted at additional washing of the channel.

For this farm pig-iron floors are chosen. Such floors most fully correspond to the appointment on such important qualities as lack of traumatizing hoofs of pigs, good pass of excrement ­ cracks, durability, reliability. A lack of floors – big metal consumption that does them heavy and for installation and dismantle, besides on them animals feel cold when lying as the surface of a pig-iron lattice is long warmed (almost twice, than wooden) more long.

Ventilatory installation works as follows. During the operation of the main fan 3 its wheel creates the air stream flowing through a snail 5 and the channel in the channel 9, thus pressure of air presses the gate 10 to a cut 13, preventing an air overflow via the channel 8 in the atmosphere. At failure of the fan 3 turn on the reserve fan 4, thus presses the gate 10 to a cut 1

This shortcoming the ventilatory installation containing the case in which two fans which output channels are placed by V-shapedly are installed is deprived and are connected to the general channel, and the rotary gate for closing of one of channels.

The main task of agro-industrial complex — the solution of a food problem, i.e. reliable providing a of the country with food. One of the main thus is the increase in production of meat.

The simplest option of loading of a forage in the distributor's bunker – by means of the conveyor which reception part has outside of a pigsty a point of support approximately at the level of its floor. In this case it is not required to construct a loading platform or to do near a pigsty deepening for placement of reception part of the conveyor.

For a choice of the correct option it is necessary to consider advantages and shortcomings of an of such floors. Slot-hole floors can be made of the most various materials or their combinations: wood of strong breeds, reinforced concrete, gray cast iron, steel, asbestos cement, various polymers, fibreglass, solid rubber, aluminum, even from steel, etc. At us slot-hole from metal, reinforced concrete and a tree are most widespread.

Thus, high rates of development of agricultural production cause need of the accelerated commissioning of a large number of new capacities on processing and storage of agricultural production, construction of large industrial complexes on production of meat, milk, eggs, wool, constructions of new elevators,, the enterprises of the formula-feed industry.