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How to pass c1 advanced cae writing

On a chemical composition metal materials divide on black and color. Black metal materials are an iron and its alloys. For constructional details use alloys on the basis of iron. They share on steel (the contents From less than 2,14%) and firm alloys.

Became with the high content of carbon (0,6-0,85% C) 60, 65,70, 80,85 possess the increased durability, wear resistance and elastic properties; apply them after training and holiday and superficial training to the details working in the conditions of friction in the presence of high static vibration loadings.

Low-carbonaceous became (the content of carbon no more than 0,25%) 05kp, 08, 07kp, 10, 10kp possess the low durability and high plasticity. These steel without heat treatment apply to the low-loaded details. Thin-sheet, holodnokatany steel is used for cold stamping of products.