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At the same time it is not excluded that in the conditions of structural crisis of a domestic production also more cardinal decisions providing introductions for the structural transformations of a number of the administrative restrictions directed on protection of internal producers and creating preferential terms for sale of their production can be necessary.

One of ways of simplification of access to foreign markets is achievement at the official or firm level of the agreement on a mutual of results of technical tests of a product and its certification. Some other way the of production intended to export taking into account the international can serve.

The agreement on agriculture forbids export subsidies, allowing six exceptions which are subject at the same time to stage-by-stage reduction. Six of exceptions together taken include practically all types of the existing. However, in case during the period of reduction of export subsidies goyosudarstva-member of the WTO continue them to apply, they cannot enter new, or extend action of the existing subsidies for new products.

'Yellow' subsidies are the exception which is not giving the grounds for a of countervailing duties for the markets of the third countries and actions, on the basis of reduction of trade advantages within nine years;

, post, port, on export development, on charitable (Turkey, Iraq, Iran) - rates of this collecting are usually small and do not pursue the aim of restriction or regulation of import, but in general can make quite sum.

Trade in textile goods. A striking example of use of voluntary self-restriction of the export which over time developed into the multilateral international mechanism is the of trade in textile goods.

One more measure of restriction with the state of import of goods are standards and other special requirements to goods. Standards represent special requirements to goods, for the purpose of safety, protection of life and human health and animals, environmental protection. Kinds of the standards applied by the states for:

The agreement on agriculture includes obligations for access to the market, subsidies and the competition and defines the concrete internal measures of support of a rural which are not subject to reduction (relating to, so-called, "green", or to measures of "a green box"), and also to subject reduction (so-called "yellow" measures) 1