How To Create A System For Medicine

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It to prepare appointment the pupil for conscious performance uchebno – production works, the most rational receptions, prevents marriage and mistakes, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Having instructive and instruktsionno – flow charts, pupils in some cases can do without the master's explanation. Therefore the master pays more attention to performance or separate operations, correctness of application of the latest working methods, to observance of safety rules of work. Besides, such cards accustom pupils independently, to perform work, choosing ways of actions, a certain sequence of work, necessary tools, adaptations, the equipment.

The master analyzes results of performance of a task, gives positive and negative examples, sorts cases of violation of the rules of safety measures, a way of their elimination and the prevention. Proves estimates and exposes them to pupils.

Excellent quality of work according to adjusting technical requirements, firm assimilation and free methods of work when performing production operations full independence in planning and performance of a task.

In the course of inservice training the master plans educational work for pupils. He appoints responsible for watch, the working tool, responsible for safety, etc. And thus the master develops a sense of responsibility at pupils.

Also the master can encourage pupils for the careful, economical attitude to financially – to technical means. And also to punish pupils for the negligent, wasteful attitude that economic education is promoted, by feeling of the owner.

High quality of performance of work according to specifications. Rather strong assimilation of methods of performance of operations and their application in various conditions. Independence of planning and performance of a task with not the essential help of the master.

Satisfactory performance of work within specifications, but after corrections on instructions of the master. Assimilation of the main methods of performance of production operations and their application in various works. Insufficient independence in planning and performance of a task.

Financially – a hardware: The MTZ-80 tractor, KPH-4,2 cultivator with adaptations for work at the increased speeds and processing of protective zones, a razmetochny board, two rulers, chistik, a tool kit, the two-meters, dimensional linings for installation of a cultivator on the cultivation depth, the tire manometer.