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What methods were found, to win a worthy place of music in school education and education can only teachers if develop in themselves adequately accurate consciousness of that it is difficult for music to teach by formal lessons and besides to teach all. It is necessary to seek to cause to it interest by organized observation and not to intimidate "uninitiated" scholastic knowledge.

Tension of acoustical attention at perception supervision of music gives the chance of a skhvatyvaniye among continuously proceeding musical movement. Skhvatyvaniya of communication with each other and interactions of all elements causing process of sounding. Essential quality of perception, essential is developed at modern revaluation of all existing. Perceptions – in respect of the sootnositelnost and an associativity organizing the sounding matter of elements.

Music – art of slukho-motor impressions. Through a metriko-very tectonic method of distribution of the sounding material it only partly approaches with visual perceptions and representations. Means, supervision of music, first of all, conducts to a sharpening of acoustical impressions and enrichment of our life experience, knowledge of the world through hearing.

As well as Platon, Aristotle makes strict selection of frets and musical instruments. It divides frets on ethical (acting on moral properties of people, practical (causing will to actions) and entuziastichesky (bringing into an enthusiastic state. And he specifies, in what cases as these frets should use.

To music as to means of ethical influence, Aristotle gives preference before all other objects of sensory perception. "After all even one melody without her words, comprises ethical properties. Meanwhile, as paints, on smells, flavoring feelings similar do not comprise anything". (Aristotle, Problems XIX,