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During muscular the changes of EEG indicating prevalence of brake processes in bark, and in the period of the maksimalyy concentrated attention of EEG the processes testifying to concentration of attention, bark wakefulness releksatsiichashche are observed.

It is known that muscular tension is a component of fear and other negative emotions. In response to emotsiogenny irritants vegetative, biochemical, motor changes are registered. So negative emotional states are always followed by activation of skeletal muscles, and relaxation is observed at positive emotions, a condition of rest, steadiness. Therefore the physiological sense of gross relaxation of muscles, trainings of it, and also an auto-suggestion role against the relaxation causing phase states in bark is clear.

Practice of medicine of the future is connected with problems of adaptive reaction and conscious management of these processes. Perhaps there are no uncontrollable functions, and there are functions, oproizvolivaniye which task was not set earlier.

Essential correlate of negative emotions is muscular tension. The transition state is connected with a relaxation. The relaxation is caused by auto-suggestion and forms base on which further auto-suggestion is based. The used AGT mechanisms promote decrease in a role of a somatic component of negative emotional experiences. By specific impact on cortical integrative processes, she leads to restoration of internal balance, and at prolonged use of a method regulation of functions on qualitatively new level providing optimum reaction.

 A number of examinees learned to cause auto-suggestion change of ChSS, the general muscular katalepsiya with a wax gobkost, to increase ability of a vizualzation of representations, to wake up in the set time, to influence the speed of perception and time of simple reaction.

 electric activity of a brain at one is close to that which happens during wakefulness, at the second gains features of prosonochny states, at the third reminds intense wakefulness.

In evolutionary aspect formation of the external mental functions and reason realizing mainly external communicative and regulatory functions could not but lead to change of structure and function of communications of internal homeostatic regulation.

Evolutionarily developed communications of bark, vegetative, vistseralony, endocrine, emotional systems (through systems of straight lines and feedback) allowed to assume that impact on one of these systems inevitably has to cause certain changes in functioning of the others.

The condition of a relaxation is probable is a transition state between a dream and wakefulness - a hypnotic phase state. It is caused by auto-suggestion and at this state braking in one areas can be combined with the concentrated excitement in others. Processes of braking are distributed in bark selectively. Thanks to it there is a control of experience and implementation of further auto-suggestion.

It is possible to allocate five main sources with which in a varying degree it is connected and on the basis of which it was created in its modern look: it is practice of use of auto-suggestion by so-called small nansiysky school (Ch.Baudon, E. Coue), empirical finds of Old Indian yogi system and research of feelings of people at hypnotic suggestion

The conventional founder of a method of autogenic training is Johannes Heinrich Schultz. In character is the synthetic method which united in itself a number of the empirical and evidence-based discoveries made in various areas of a psikhkhoterapiya.

Limited values in understanding of mechanisms of suggestion have the steady phase states between a dream and wakefulness differing in various degree of expressiveness and intensity of processes of braking in bark. One of the most essential is possibility of impact on some psikhifiziologichesky fuyektion bypassing conscious control.