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You will not call "reflection" the usual philosophical treatise. Rather this combination intellectual an avtbiogra and series of the oveshchevaniye turned by the author to themselves and specifying how has to work not only in daily affairs, but also in life in general. And, really, the title which Mark gave to the composition, - Not "Reflections", but the Greek phrase which can be translated as" the thoughts turned to themselves ". As "Reflections" addressed to the author and, on - visible, did not intend to publication, to them does not get completeness of the correct philosophical treatise. Thoughts often of a fragmentalna, sin with self-repetitions, and all volume of the composition - extremely personal. As a result sometimes it is difficult to understand that the author wants to tell, or to track the line of the argument leading him to this or that conclusion. Nevertheless "Reflections" contain philosophical doctrine which is the Avreliyevsky recension of stoicism.

Therefore when in "Reflections" we read that elements, fiery, air, water and earth are peculiar to a human body, the author uses only a widespread hypothesis, without building it to degree of categorical truth.

For Mark Aurelius transition to the imperial power did not represent something special, was not a change in its internal and even external life. It did not eakhotet to be even the individual governor and took in associates of the reception kbrat Lution Vera who also received Augustus's title. The last, however, at the inactive and dismissed character did not give to the emperor any help and quite often it appeared an essential hindrance in affairs; however, and to it Mark Aurelius treated with the usual inexhaustible patience and condescension.

Mark Aurelius was the greatest admirer and Epiktet's admirer, the last considerable Roman is firm which philosophy can be considered as the last end of antique stoicism and at the same time its full internal disintegration.

Certainly, are resistant as the most active and firm part of the population in the belief, in any country always made minority. But it was that socially significant minority which quite often managed to break an adverse situation to the best though thus - we will repeat once again - him almost never udaavatsya to use fruits of the victory.

Concept of destiny for stoical philosophy a problem. If how Mark recognized, the Universe copes reason and owing to this fact all happening definitely to happen quite so, but not differently, whether that remains a place for freedom of the person? Mark resolves this problem, carrying out a subtle difference. If to understand as freedom a choice between equally open alternatives, such freedom, of course, does not exist. But freedom has also other value: to accept all events as part of a good world order and to answer events with reason, but not emotions. The individual living thus insists Mark, is originally free personality. Such person not only is free, but also. As the rationality of the Universe is the basis of its clemency, all events in the Universe have to strengthen this clemency only. Therefore, reasonable, hosting events, not only answers the external benefit, but also makes a personal contribution to the value of the world whole.