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1 sums paid for the account of membership dues gardening, garden and garden, garage and construction and housing co-operatives ( to the persons performing works (services) for the specified organizations;

2 in case of allocation by the judge of one or several of the connected claim requirements in separate production the duty paid at presentation of the claim is not recalculated and does not come back. On the production allocated separately duty again is not paid.

compensation sums (payments by employers to the former workers (to pensioners on age and (or) disabled people) and (or) to members of their families of cost acquired by them (for them) the medicines appointed by it the attending physician.

Taxes as the active participant of redistributive processes have serious impact on reproduction, stimulating or constraining its rates, expanding or reducing solvent demand of the population.

the organizations which authorized capital completely consists of deposits of public organizations of disabled people and in which the average number of disabled people makes not less than 50 percent, and the share of the earned payment of disabled people in fund of compensation makes not less than 25 percent;

from the located on sites in gardening and country noncommercial associations of citizens of a residential building living space to 50 square meters and economic structures and constructions with a total area up to 50 square meters.

from specially equipped constructions, structures, rooms (including Gilles, belonging to cultural figures, arts and to national masters on the property right and used only as creative workshops, studio, studios;

Other distinctive feature of system of obligatory in France – a high share of contributions to funds of social appointment. On a share of contributions to funds of social appointment in GDP sum France wins first place among the developed countries.

However before the expiration of six months from the date of an of inheritance or before obtaining the certificate on the right for inheritance the successor (successors) has the right to make the listed expenses at the expense of hereditary property.

payment of cost of power supply, sports equipment, equipment, sports and full dress, received by athletes and employees of the sports and sports organizations for educational and training process and participation in sports competitions;