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So, for example, the instruction 01=okp (And, p) it is possible to consider as the appeal to algorithm with a name of ROC and parameters A and, the being arguments of algorithm. The result of a on this algorithm is designated by a name 0

The first three instructions set to arguments of algorithm the bargaining values. The instruction 4 algorithms tr1 demands application of an the bargaining which on preset values of lengths of the parties a way of creation of a required triangle.

When using known algorithm in the solution of tasks it is enough in the address it is not specified as the separate instruction to write down the appeal to algorithm consisting of the name of algorithm and the list of its and type of parameters.

Any appeal to known algorithms can be written down in the form of the instruction having a function form. In turn any on construction can be considered as use of an the address to which has a function form.

The main position of a group of authors at creation of the manual is that the course of bases of an and computer facilities is a general education subject. Its main task — to give to school students of a fundamentals of science of informatics, but not to make them professional programmers. Therefore, among the fundamental concepts reflecting character of science of informatics in the manual concepts of computer approach to the solution of tasks and algorithm were selected.

At the fourth and fifth lessons it is necessary to consider the indications of algorithms containing concepts of a half-line, half-plane, a corner, a triangle. Here the problems connected with creation of a corner equal this and also a triangle on three set elements are solved.