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At complete or partial elimination or preservation of the enterprise or an underground construction excavations and boreholes have to be given to the state ensuring safety of life and health of the population, protection of surrounding environment, buildings and constructions, and at preservation - also safety of a field, excavations and boreholes for all the time of preservation.

According to the license for mining, construction and operation of the underground constructions which are not connected with mining formation of especially protected geological objects the subsoil plot is provided to the user in the form of mountain branch - the geometrizovanny block of a subsoil.

the fullest use of products and waste of processing (slimes, pyly, sewage and others); warehousing, the account and preservation of temporarily not used products and production wastes containing useful components.

The enterprises for mining and underground constructions which are not connected with mining are subject to elimination or preservation after period of validity of the license or at the early termination of use of natural resources.

the applicant did not present and cannot produce the evidence of that possesses or will possess qualified specialists, necessary financial and technical means for effective and safe work;

by reorganization of the enterprise - the subsoil user by division or allocation from it other enterprise when again created enterprise continues activity according to the license on a site of the former user.

strict observance of the technological schemes of processing of mineral raw materials providing rational, complex extraction of the useful components containing in it; the account and control of distribution of useful components at various stages of processing and extent of their extraction from mineral raw materials;

Without restriction of term subsoil plots can be provided for construction and operation of the underground constructions which are not connected with mining, formations of especially protected objects and in other purposes.

Subsoil for the purpose of production of construction materials can not be provided for production of all-widespread minerals on condition of possibility of use of waste mining and other productions which are alternative sources of raw materials.

The amount of payments for mining is defined with a type of mineral, quantity and quality of its stocks, natural and geographical, mining and economic conditions of development and development of a field, risk degree.

The state system of licensing is the uniform order of providing licenses including information, scientific and analytical, economic and legal preparation of materials and their registration.