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The factory works in 3 changes. Data on development 1, 2, 3 changes are put in the computer. After work of each change data from the computer get to sales department. As buyers receive goods from 8 to 16 o'clock, for the 8th mornings in the computer these elaboration of 3 changes of previous day + the available confectionery remained unrealized in warehouses is brought.

Calculations show that coefficients of accumulation are much higher than optimum size. It testifies to adverse structure of stocks of the enterprise, to existence of excessive and unnecessary production stocks.

All functions of marketing are aimed, first of all, at effective sale of the created goods. Therefore, the persons making the decision on purchase and influencing such decision have to be informed on requirement which satisfies these goods, and also about quality of such satisfaction as potential buyers need information on consumer properties of goods. Such information can be transferred by means of advertizing.

Here new grades of candies, the new range, new etiquette are offered, carry out appearance check, completeness of an investment of components, tastes and other parameters of products. By results of checks conclusions are drawn and necessary measures for elimination of the revealed shortcomings are taken.

At the enterprise much attention is paid to quality of confectionery therefore rigid control of quality of products works, in each shop there is the laboratory, and besides them also the central factory. It is connected with that in the modern world market the paramount attention is paid to quality of goods. It becomes the main means of trade and economic strategy in the international rivalry for sales markets, for volumes of geography of export and additional profit. Except laboratory check weekly on Wednesdays day of quality is spent. At the bottom of quality there are chief specialists of factory:

In biscuit and wafer shop 6 tons of cookies per day of 28 names – "Sugar", "Chess", "Samara", "Our brand", "Streamlet", "Otradnoye", "Wild strawberry", "Anniversary", etc. are issued (see the appendix).

The profit sum received by the enterprise is caused not only sales volume of production but also its quality and competitiveness in the internal and external markets, the range, level of expenses and information processes.

It is obvious that realization and profit are influenced by the chosen goods means of promoting. And a task of department of marketing more deeply to study all opportunities of interrelation of elements of a complex of marketing and to realize them.

Action of STISO correspond to expansion of sale of the goods which are not considered as novelties. About such goods the buyer had some representation, thanking, either to actions of FOS, or own experience of use (consumption). A problem of STIS – to induce to repeated purchases, and also to extend among new buyers, winning the increasing share of the market.

The second for degree of the importance of management of society is: board of directors and audit commission. Enter into board of directors: the chairman of fund of property, the representative of labor collective, representatives of authorities, shareholders the owning 17% is also more white than common stocks.

Factory about 10 tons of caramel are issued per day. Power of the line is equal to 7 tons per day. The range of caramel totals more than 40 names, 50% from them dessert grades "Apple", "Victoria", "Dessert", "Plum", "Cherry", "Mu-mu", "Masquerade", "Oaklet" and others (see the appendix).