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For the prevention of development of the postnatal causing a syndrome of MMA (mastitis-metritis-agalaxia), to deeply suporosny sows in 3 — 5 days prior to a farrow appoint inside antimicrobic preparations — mix of a biomitsin (1 and furasolidone (0,5 once a day.

For prevention of abortions, a rassasyvaniye and mummifications of fruits it is necessary to watch high quality of the forages intended to suporosny sows. During their this period it is also impossible to give to drink too cold water.

Before receiving sperm carry out a toilet a prepution of the producer, wash his external surface water and wipe dry a towel, toilet or filter paper. It is more expedient to pass producers through a warm shower then to them give a to dry in heat the room or an integument dry rub off a pure rag.

In large-scale reproduktorny enterprises of industrial type designs of machines are developed for carrying out a farrow and the maintenance of a uterus with pigs. At the fixed maintenance of a uterus in special machines it is considerable ­ labor productivity in pig-breeding.

Feeding of large numbers of corn for an appreciable length of time quite often is followed by abortions or the birth of weak and dead pigs. It is not recommended to give a lot of rye flour which causes development of strong locks.

In diets of sows include in the last period of a suporosnost not only good-quality, but also full-fledged forages that they contained enough a protein, mineral substances and vitamins. Except, glubokosuporosny sows are given a grass flour from bean herbs which is rich not only a protein, but also mineral substances and vitamins. If at this time the diet does not contain in a sufficient the listed nutrients, for growth of a fruit nutrients from a sow organism are used.