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The empirical knowledge of some framework can be limited to formal and logical rules of thinking as in many cases its subject is not the internal complete structure of things. It does not mean, however, that it surely has to be metaphysical.

Cogitative activity from the very beginning serves the purpose of an oposredstvovaniye of external actions. With its expansion and expansion that is caused, eventually, by development of material and reformative activity of people, the sphere of oposredstvuyushchy actions increases and becomes rather independent more and more. It means that there is an increasing number of the operations serving the purposes of an oposredstvovaniye of actions in the most internal sphere. Possibility of similar rather independent sphere of an oposredstvovaniye is put already in structure of material, external activity and connected with production of tools when the preparatory and directly satisfying requirement actions do not coincide. On this basis the sphere of such internal activity which directly does not serve the purpose of an oposredstvovaniye of external actions can be formed, and carries out function of their general preparation.

Would be therefore wrong to imagine thinking as the ready, historically not changing system of operations. Namely such the thinking in those idealistic concepts which connect it or with special spiritual substance or as it takes place in transcendental idealism of Kant, proceeding from the invariable, not developing structure of thinking existing before any experience also appears. Actually historically cogitative activity of people develops together with development of production, the public relations, and also together with development of scientific knowledge. As the thinking represents an oposredstvovaniye of historically certain human activity, it not only according to the contents, but also has to be determined by the forms, eventually, this activity and historically change.

Germinal forms of such oposredstvovaniye are found at a stage of biological reflection. The oposredstvovaniye specific to human activity is formed together with application of instruments of production and with activity socialization. The thinking at the emergence on the main function of an oposredstvovaniye of different types of activity intertwines with production of goods, joining in it as its necessary party. Complication of these processes and emergence of public division of labor as it was already noted, liquidated this direct connection and led to that the ideal activity made over ideal objects gained relative independence.

The person in the activity has to oposredstvovat definitely various natural processes and natural properties of tools and objects of the labor, activity of other people. As a rule, both of these aspects form difficult interrelation.

The most common features of the correct thinking are definiteness, sequence and substantiality. Logical correctness of thinking is a necessary condition of the guaranteed receiving true results in the solution of the tasks arising in the course of knowledge.

Both such ideal actions and their products which do not serve neither for reflection of objective situations, nor for a productive oposredstvovaniye of ideal actions are possible, and represent rather the marriage in cogitative activity though caused by certain reasons