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"Simulator" - the person for whom the external attributes and symbols of association making for it a pride subject, thus have paramount value it not too troubles itself(himself) the analysis of group values and the purposes.

By consideration of the maintenance of each of the mechanisms given above, it must be kept in mind that in a "pure" look "hazing", neither "association", nor other forms, as a rule, do not meet. Each of functioning mechanisms during certain periods of time can act as dominating, but it does not mean that other forms thus are absent. They exist, but have not so pronounced manifestation. The given border is given for convenience of consideration of this difficult complex of the negative phenomena.

The cognitive developing theory claims that the conflicts are results of the intellectual maturity inducing to revision of understanding of and the relations. The conflicts are the mechanism by means of which children and teenagers seize new informative structures, developing new views, and considerably changing behavior models with parents and contemporaries.

It is important to note that with age, the reasons of emergence of the conflicts become complicated. As show researches, children till 13 years practically never spoke about the conflict of values. It is connected with not created vital representations of the child who is not able to judge global valuable priorities yet.

Difficultly to compare different generations. In each generation were, there will be different people. Besides, people are inclined to absolutize own habits and tastes therefore at part of people of advanced age into the forefront external, minor lines act. Each generation costs on shoulders previous, not always realizing this continuity.

It is difficult to tell that lies in primary sources of emergence of the conflicts, but is seen distinction in valuable representations of teenagers is the basic, for further, more difficult conflict relationship.

It occurs first of all to that modern society and the power existing in it is not endured in unconscious as an image of the Father any more - the mentor, the patron and an embodiment of values, and is reminded more likely by an archaic image of all-powerful Mother in society and a family.

Finishing work it is necessary to notice that terms the intergroup conflicts and the inter-generational conflicts in this context are perceived as synonyms. As the inter-generational conflicts (a problem "fathers and children") – are also that global problem between youth group and other generations. In general it is an immemorial subject, the immemorial conflict, which, probably, when not to get rid. It can only be studied and controlled, sending to the necessary course.

"Leader" - the person who is seeing the recognition in directing people, applying for a role of the leader in group, showing an initiative of the organizer and quite often really possessing for this purpose abilities.

The considerable number of young people has no accurately expressed personal self-identification, the behavioural stereotypes causing depersonalization of installations are strong. "The alienation position in its ekzistentsionalny refraction is looked through both in the relation to society, and in intergenerative communication, in a countercultural orientation of young leisure".

The most important factor of socialization of the child there is a family. Besides conscious, purposeful education which parents give, the child is affected by all intra family atmosphere. The conflict "the pupil - the parent" fits into the eternal subject "fathers and children".

Important the consequence of such conflicts can serve that in view of continuous opposition of norms and values of two generations, will appear that "best" as a result will remain (as natural selection at Darwin. Such processes do not allow to stagnate to society, lead it to continuous development.

The same can be told and about the conflicts in the youth environment when there was a new phenomenon: "youth dismantlings" (to hammer an arrow) - teenagers do not know that create! Sharp growth of such negative phenomena conducts to disorganization of society. After all children are full-fledged citizens today tomorrow which will have to participate in elections, for example. So who they are, people of the future?