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Fishery of Senegal can be divided into two sectors: industrial fishing and private fishing. At the present stage it is characterized by increase in indicators of private fishing and reduction of the industrial. Commercial fishery quickly grows and makes already the tenth part of all export.

- the mechanical engineering gained development thanks to a geographical position as the country is on crossing of trade maritime routes and has the developed transport network. It is presented sudo-and a car repair service, assembly of trucks and farm vehicles;

Extent of highways makes about 14576 km, but of them only 4271 km with a hard coating. The fleet of vehicles quickly grows (about 7200 cars), but still remains very small in comparison with other countries of the world. The main highways go from Dakar to North Africa.

Apparently from the card, Senegal is poor in minerals. But except production of phosphorites which go for export, production of table salt, but only on internally consumption is conducted. Rather recently oil fields in a shelf zone, bauxites in East Senegal were open.

Senegal – the agrarian country which has the economy of the developing type which is based mainly on agriculture. The small economic growth observed from the moment of independence finding periodically interrupts because of the severe droughts leading economy to serious recession. GDP grow along with the population therefore GDP per capita remains rather low.

Senegal treats the sredneurbanizirovanny countries, the share of urban population makes 46%. Urban saturation very quickly grows. The largest cities: Dakar (1382000 inhabitants), Tiyes (157000 inhabitants), Kaolack (133000 inhabitants)

Economic development of Senegal is considerably financed by France. Though the happening droughts lead to decrease in volumes of export of a peanut, the trade deficit is covered due to sale in the world markets of minerals and fishes. And still import exceeds export.

Agriculture. Makes the fifth part of GDP of the country and gives work to two thirds of economically active population. Sector, in essence, – the main and only export culture – a peanut.